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Title: Runnercraft tips and tricks
Post by: IG Overlord on Stardate 1310.25 20:33:36
Hi Runnercrafters,

We thought it would be prudent to share a couple tips and tricks for getting the most out of Runnercraft.

- Your score multiplier is governed by missions completed.  To increase your score multiplier by 1, you must complete 3 missions.  This is key for getting high scores.  You can see your missions at the Main Menu before you go on a run or in the Pause screen during a run.

- Tools will open up a huge realm of possibility for you -- by tools, I mean the Pickaxe, Ax, or Sword.  Once you craft a tool, the best one you have in your inventory is automatically equipped and visible at the bottom of the screen during runs.  New materials will appear to collect and you will be able to harvest all of the animals in the game.  If you pick up any one material while on a run with a tool equipped, the tool will be consumed... so make another one! 

When you run over a material and collect it, the tool will multiply the amount of that particular material that goes into your inventory like so:
-  Pickaxes will give you 1 (wood), 2 (stone), 3 (iron), 4 (gold), 5 (diamond) materials per pickup. 
-  Axes will give you 2 (wood), 3 (stone), 4 (iron), 5 (gold), 6 (diamond) materials per pickup. 
-  Swords will give you 4 (wood), 5 (stone), 6 (iron), 7 (gold), 8 (diamond) materials per pickup. 

So you can see that if you have a diamond sword, for example, you will rapidly accumulate materials as you will get 8 of any material you run over and collect!

If you don't craft a tool, only the wood log material will ever show up in the game :(  and you won't be able to harvest materials from chickens (feathers), cows (hide), sheep (wool), pigs (grease), or creepers (red or blue slime)... So craft some tools! 

Good luck everyone!
Title: Re: Runnercraft tips and tricks
Post by: IG Overlord on Stardate 1310.27 19:53:03
Howdy Runnercrafters,

Another tip from Tip Central... yeah.  Tip Central.  :)

- Different seeds will have different layouts and configurations of materials or items to collect.  Try switching seeds to shake things up! 

- For example, if you play seed 50,000 you will find a Dragon Egg at about 500m in... this is helpful to complete the mission, or to quickly snag a dragon egg to continue a run where you left off.

That's all for now.  Happy running and crafting. 

Tip Central out! :)
Title: Re: Runnercraft tips and tricks
Post by: Les Bird on Stardate 1312.10 16:12:35
Also, don't forget that once you accumulate enough emeralds you can buy tools and materials in the store. The price for store items are as follows:

Material Pack 1 - 5000 emeralds
Material Pack 2 - 7500 emeralds
Material Pack 3 - 10000 emeralds
Wood Pack - 1000 emeralds
Stone Pack - 2500 emeralds
Iron Pack - 5000 emeralds
Gold Pack - 7500 emeralds
Diamond Pack - 10000 emeralds
Organic Pack - 2500 emeralds
String Pack - 1000 emeralds
Axe Pack - 15000 emeralds (1 of each axe)
Sword Pack - 20000 emeralds (1 of each sword)
Pickaxe Pack - 10000 emeralds (1 of each pickaxe)
Powerup Pack - 20000 emeralds (1 of each powerup) lots more. Click on 'SHOP' at the main menu to get to the store.
Title: Re: Runnercraft tips and tricks
Post by: Les Bird on Stardate 1401.07 23:12:39
hey, ive been wondering how to use tools while running

If you've crafted a tool and it's in your inventory, it works automatically. You will see it at the bottom of your screen during a run. With a tool equipped you can run right through MOBs and creepers (so you don't have to dodge them anymore) and the materials you collect from them will be added to your inventory. Tools last one entire run so when you die a tool is consumed. If you have more than one tool crafted, then the next one (starting with the most powerful) will be equipped automatically and used for the next run.

Tool powers are in this order from most powerful to least powerful:
1. Diamond Sword
2. Diamond Axe
3. Diamond Pickaxe
4. Gold Sword
5. Gold Axe
6. Gold Pixeaxe
7. Iron Sword
8. Iron Axe
9. Iron Pickaxe
10. Stone Sword
11. Stone Axe
12. Stone Pickaxe