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Title: Bonus Seeds
Post by: Les Bird on Stardate 1311.16 11:02:02
Hi Runnercrafters!

Starting with the 1.4 update we've added 20 bonus seeds. Bonus seeds are secret numbers that when entered as a seed will award you free stuff. You can only enter a bonus seed once to get the award. Free stuff are things like diamonds, gold, diamond swords, dragon eggs and more that will be added automatically to your inventory if you guess the right number.

Can you guess all 20 seeds? If you do, you are awarded another bonus.

Good luck!
Title: Re: Bonus Seeds
Post by: Les Bird on Stardate 1312.10 14:41:17
With the 1.6 update we now have 50 bonus seeds in the game.

To get started, try entering the following seed: 11182011

That number, by the way, is the "official" release date of Minecraft - Nov 18, 2011 (11/18/2011 or 11182011).

The bonus seeds consist of some common numbers, famous dates and a few random (but easily guessable) numbers thrown in for good measure. Does anyone know the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?

Good luck!

- Les